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The following is an outline of professional services included in a project delivery process. These services are offered in a flexible range according to the Client’s needs.


– master planning, pre-design, schematic design.

The design process is viewed as a collaborative effort between the Client, architect and consulting engineers. The Client’s visions and programmatic requirements are the basis for the formulation of the design, along with external factors such as architectural context, existing conditions, functions, light, materials and the outdoors.

The input of consulting engineers is incorporated.

At appropriate points, regulatory agencies are consulted. Design drawings are presented for review and approval.

Construction Documentation

– This phase consists of detailed drawings and written specifications appropriate for the purpose of receiving bids and building permit. These documents include drawings from structural, mechanical/electrical consultants, if needed.

Construction Services

– DesignWorks will assist the Owner in selection of a contractor and delivery method as well as in seeing the project through completion.



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